Sacred Connection Retreat

A place where yogis and seekers come to reconnect with their Highest Self.

Be Enlighten! Be Empowered! Be Enkindle!

Mission: To deliver enchanting, enriching spiritual experiences where, yogis & seekers can reconnect with their Higher Self, explore desires & new places, while expanding their yoga practice and spiritual understanding through self-study, movement, mindfulness, meditation, & manifesting.

We Promise you authentic connection at Sacred Connection Retreats

Our Values

  • Community- Connects us to each other.

  • Communication- Connects us to our beliefs, thoughts & feelings

  • Movement- Connects us to our body

  • Mindfulness- Connects us to our desires, wants, and needs.

  • Meditation- Connects us to our Higher Self (The Divine )

  • Music- Connects us to our mood

Video Testimonials

Jamella does a beautiful job-making healing work fun and relaxing.

I signed up for Jamella's retreat because from my conversations with her, it was clear that she was continuously doing her own personal growth work. It's important to me that someone practices what they preach, and she does. I've left other retreats feeling exhausted, but I have always returned from her refreshed. Jamella also helps cultivate a strong sense of connection among participants and weaves in spirituality in a meaningful way.

Iris McAlpin~ Retreat Participant

“Sacred Connection Retreat 2020 was exactly what I needed it to be…. I showed up not knowing what to expect, but left being my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF. No longer will I let shame, doubt, fear, and denial, show up for me.”

Contressa Peterson ~

“…Jamella thank you for serving us from your soul. You created a space where we could retreat and release our anger and fears. You created a space for us to be restored, realign, and reconnect with our True- Self….”

Michelle James Paul


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